Hungry Tech & Automation engineers and manufactures conveyors and robotic

systems which give clients a competitive market advantage. 

We provide a comprehensive, full-service solution for every industry by creating and coordinating.


  • Robotics Programming
  • Custom Conveyors
  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Vision systems
  • System integration
  • Software automation controls
  • Systems Engineering Services

Full System Integration with Robot Arms

Our systems are built for longevity and durability. Our customized improvements include a wide range of Robotics, conveyors made with corrosion-resistant stainless steel, durable plastic components, food grade approved materials, versatile line configurations, and hygienic wash down designs to name a few.

Whether you need a complete system, or a single component, Hungry Tech & Automation will facilitate a uniquely tailored solution that exceeds expectations. We design and deliver world-class OEM systems that include operational strategies, innovative software programming, and custom engineering. 

Boost your business by optimizing efficiency, reducing cost, improving safety, and minimizing risk. 



System Integration

As a system integrator working with leading robotic technologies in material handling, mechanical equipment, and software systems, we enhance the success of our customers by streamlining processes and boosting productivity. We have the capabilities and exceptional experience to offer a vast array of services and products across a broad range of industries. 


We specialize in end-of-line systems by manufacturing robotics EOAT and conveyor equipment, as well as programming all the software. Our catalog of services includes simple conveyors, highly autonomous systems, and everything in between. As an original equipment manufacturer, we put our expertise and years of experience to work for you by leveraging robots, automated guided vehicles, and sortation and accumulation conveyors.

Food Blockchain / BEN

We are developing the world’s first Blockchain Edge Network (BEN) connected to the supply chain from seed to table. By establishing an ever-growing network of suppliers and distribution partners, we are establishing seed to table initiatives by automating how products traverse through the entire supply chain. Join our community of professionals transforming traceability and transparency in the food service and other industries.

Our customized approach produces desirable results. We can lower cost and improve profitability for your business, regardless of the industry.

Fortify your supply chain with every byte.


Service Calls
We service and repair new and existing system. Complete survey, support and ordering available.
Monitoring & Maintenance
Our Service Team will provide customers with a comprehensive Preventive Maintenance Program.
Custom Engineering
Custom designs and engineering to solve some of the most complex automation on the market.
System Integrations
We provide a complete system and integration to existing lines or equipment.
Material Handling Conveyors
We can Consult and or Manufacturer complete conveying systems for all types of applications and material loads.
We can design, consult, manufacturer and service all EOAT/SYSTEMS.